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Samantha Postman is an avid storyteller, podcaster, blogger, YouTuber, CEO, CFO, strategist, coach, photographer, social impacter, mentor, and friend.

Samantha is an incredibly passionate person whose interests vary anywhere from tax strategist to entrepreneurship to teaching to coaching to mentoring, and to travelling the world.

She has paired triumphs and tragedies throughout her life to grow, learn, and challenge herself and the world around her. Both personally and professionally, Samantha is a life hacker on a mission to make our world a better place by sharing her knowledge.

She is currently the founder and CEO of SmartArrow Inc., an ideation, innovation, product development, and advisory company.

Samantha holds a Bachelor in Management (Business), a Master of Arts, Certification in Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL), Tax Certifications in Personal, Corporate, Farm, Real Estate, Business, and Estates.

Recently, she submitted a formal strategic Proposal to the Canadian Federal Finance Senate Committee on how to re-stimulate the economy after COVID-19, using a innovative income tax change, to also save NPO’s that provide essential social good services for Canadians and those around the world. 

Find her on your favourite social media (mostly Twitter) to see what she’s up to now. Every day has its own surprises, even for her.

Samantha is a Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer of:

Prairie Land Farms Inc.

A mixed grain farm operation located in Southern Alberta, which she manages with her husband, Damon and adult children.

This Postman family photo was taken in our backyard canola field.

Our farms grains, oils seeds and pulse food crops are grown locally and distributed globally. Each crop is carefully planned, planted, monitored, nurtured and harvested to achieve the highest quality for your families.

We grow:
Wheat, Canola, Peas & Lentils.
In the past we have also grown: Barley, Chick Peas, Flax, Mustard & Timothy Hay.

From Our Farm to Food at Your Table, Around the World

Our wheat crops are milled into flour that is shipped to Italy to make pasta, or milled into flour for your breads, cakes and pastries. Our canola is sold to plants that crush and press the tiny black seeds into the golden cooking and baking oil you all use in your meals. Our pulse foods like lentils, peas and chick peas are shipped worldwide to places like Dubai, India, Africa, Europe and more.

No matter where you are from or where live now, it’s possible that you have eaten food that was grown and cared for by our family farm.

1st Career as a Tax Consultant, Strategist & Volunteer

In the process of completing over 7,500 tax returns during the last 21 years, Samantha established and nurtured relationships on the behalf of diverse clients and industries by using tax strategy, investment and tax advising, tax returns, financial assessments, and legal compliance. I learned a lot about every sector there is from eye witnesses that shared it all; their leaders, staff, owners, government hardships or benefits and so much more. 

She is a master of navigating most anything including bureaucracy, filing corporate financial reports, and helping immigrants simulate into their new culture.

Samantha always thought she would be a lawyer to help fight for justice in the world. In high shcool, she figured out how to take law classes by distance learning. She ended up enrolling in accounting once in University when she realized she couldn’t afford 7 years of school to be a lawyer.  Accounting wasn’t a perfect fit, too much desk work and not enough human work. So she ended up as a tax specialist. Which is a beautiful blend of accounting and law. It’s a career she was able to marry her heart for helping and her mulit-dimensional mind for the benefit of thousands. 

Additonally, Samantha has over thirty years of diverse volunteerism, and she credits the charitable sector with helping her thrive despite her broken past.

She is passionate about connecting young adult volunteers with opportunities that will develop their professional skills; opportunities such as non-profits, humanitarian and social good organizations that are dedicated to making a meaningful impact around the world.

BP 3 | Writing Redefined

Her empathy has given her the ability to see and feel the world in what some would call “10-D perspective”.

She is both an analytical and a creative thinker as well as a visionary and an integrator. Samantha is an observation sponge who sees everything in layered puzzles.

Her impeccable ability to solve complex and multidisciplinary problems starts with examining and dwelling on the puzzle laid before her. Methodically, she analyzes each puzzle piece to determine which of its aspects do and do not work.

Samantha attributes this talent to travelling the world, during which she has encountered wide-ranging levels of social and economic standards of living.

Her global perspective aids her in deconstructing the world around her, while leaving her with knowledge and experience on how to fill social and economic gaps.


Born to a teenage mother, Samantha’s childhood had its fair share of brokenness and disparity.

Her classmates bullied her throughout her schooling, starting with a boy in primary school who beat her repeatedly on the playground. In middle school, the cheerleading squad publicly shamed her during a pep rally of over 600 students. A move to a high school in a new town brought numerous death threats slipped into her locker from a local drug dealer. 

As an adult, she lost her sister to a lifelong battle of drug addictions (youtube/podcast/blog here). More recently, Samantha lost her stepfather to a 9 month. battle with stage 4 lung cancer during the horrid layers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2009, Samantha’s life journey took a turn for the worse. She was later diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (UCTD). Read about some of here journey here & here.

These experiences taught her the resilience and the ability to recognize injustices that don’t always get reported.

Since emerging from her challenging childhood, Samantha has experienced many triumphs in life.

Volunteering to teach English in developing countries and digging water systems in areas devastated by drought are just a couple of eye-openers she has immersed herself in.

Later, she consulted with over 30 ministry agents in Ecuador for 2 months. While there, she supported their outreach efforts in the local community by using her business acumen.

She, alongside her outstanding husband, Damon, has raised 3 thriving young adults. 

Her journey from welfare child to CEO, CFO, and founder of multiple companies has left her with vast knowledge.

Through it all, Samantha has learned that love is multiplied, not divided.

BP 3 | Writing Redefined


Throughout the years, Samantha has seized opportunities to speak and teach at events and seminars. These opportunities given to her to share her insights or her teachings always brings her joy.

She has found that people often ask her for one-on-one coffee dates and mentorship. Unfortunately, time is limited, and she is unable to say yes to each invitation.

This platform gives her the opportunity to say yes more often and for her to share her personal and professional experiences, as well as her accumulated knowledge. One-on-one’s may still be few and far between, but here, on social media, Samantha can reach beyond her physical time limitations to interact with so many more.

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• At age 18, I was the first female hockey announcer in the Men’s Hockey Canada West Universities Athletic Association for the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns.

• I love young adults because they intellectually challenge the status quo with refreshing idealism. Plus, they help me predict the future.

• In 2017, I lived in two Costa Rican hostels with diverse 18 to 30-year-olds from all over the world. During this, I, alongside my 16-year-old daughter who was homeschooling grade 11 at the time, earned my Teaching English as an Additional Language Certification (TEAL). Together, we taught students of all ages, from elementary children all the way to adults working full time.

• In 2018, I predicted that a “pajama-churching” movement would occur in the future. A lot of people laughed in disbelief — until COVID-19… P.S. I own the domains if you want to buy them.

• When I was 11, I created and handwrote my own dictionary from a language I made up.

• In my youth, I played the violin for five years, the clarinet for one, and the organ for one. Then, I performed in a bell choir for two years and singing choirs for an additional three. The reality is that I have no musical talent other than I rocked at music theory —because it is all math. But my brain was enriched beyond measure.

Read more on Samantha’s extra-curricular brain training here…